Mothers Day Flowers

Top 3 Guide to the Best Motherโ€™s Day Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for Mothers Day may not be easy for some. Here we’ve come up with 10 great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that are sure-proof ways to delight your mum.

Mark down your calendars – this year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 8th May 2022. Plan ahead so you won’t have to rush to get the best gifts in the market!

1) Mother’s Day flower subscription

Being an online florist, you probably won’t be surprised that our first suggestion for the best Mother’s Day gift is flower-inspired. Expressing your love says it better with flowers!

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At Little Red Dot Florist, we appreciate our mothers for the love and care they have wholeheartedly given us. Flower subscription is a great way to cheer your mum up from time to time, make her day and show her that you’re thinking of her. Whether it’s a 3 month or 6 month subscription,we will deliver your subscription choice each month without fail. This Mothers Day gift will put a smile on her face surely!

2) Flower Tea Balls

How about a Flower Tea Balls this Mothers Day? If you haven’t heard of it, this may spark your interest. Bundled into a ball of tea leaves and flowers, be surprised at how your flower tea balls bloom when your pour hot water in your mug. Choosing different tea balls are so much fun, watching them bloom is even more exciting! Be it white or green or any other available flowers, these pretty pieces are healthy and soooo photogenic.

3) A home cooked meal

One of the most heartwarming ways to show your appreciation is making the time to prepare a home cooked meal for your mum and family. Preparing a menu of what your mother likes from start to finish is a fulfilling memory to keep for years to come. Booking a restaurant for Mothers Day can be expensive, stressful and lacklustre. Beat the crowd with a special home cooked family meal where your Mum can just sit back, relax and smell a bunch of roses.

Did we mention roses?

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