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Rose Bouquets and Flowers with Free Delivery in Singapore

Roses have long been known to represent romance, love, and deep passion.

In a day and age where mankind did not communicate with each other through words, roses were meant to convey messages of love and passion.

However, different colours of roses would have a different meaning. Read more to find out what each colour represents.

While largely symbolizing

Selecting the right rose for your special occasion

Red Roses

Red roses are meant to represent love and passion. They are perfect for representing romantic love and passionate love for your love interest or partner.

White Roses

White roses represent humility and purity. They are perfect as a gift to someone who is older than you. They can also be used to represent gratefulness and is perfect for thanking someone.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses express friendship and joy. Perfect for birthday gifts and happy occasions!

Blue Roses

Blue roses signify true love associated with being unattainable. A blue rose also means that you are unable to obtain love from the other party. If you are intending to part on good terms with someone, blue roses are perfect for the occasion.

Pink Roses

Pink roses represent gratitude, appreciation and is best used to thank someone. These flowers are best used for mothers’ day to show appreciation for mum!

Orange Roses

Orange roses represent energy, enthusiasm and excitement. If you are intending to rekindle a long-lost love, or show your passion and excitement for your partner, orange roses are a great choice!

Rainbow Roses

If you cannot make up your mind on which colour to select from, rainbow roses are great for every occasion. Rainbow roses are perfect for all occasions and do not have a specific meaning.

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