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Looking for affordable bridal bouquets in Singapore?

At Little Red Dot Florist, we understand that finding an affordable bridal bouquet with amazing quality is tough. That is why we have designed extremely affordable bridal bouquets from $65 for you. (inclusive of FREE delivery to anywhere in Singapore)

ROM and Wedding Hand Bouquet – Flowers with Charm

We go all out to source for the most beautiful flowers all over Singapore and beyond to prepare the most charming hand bouquet perfect for an ROM or a traditional wedding. Using a carefully selected combination of flowers ranging from hydrangeas, roses, orchids and gerberas, among many others, our flower bouquet specialists in Singapore are skilled at creating the most beautiful bunch of fresh blooms for your special day.

Wedding hand bouquets for your dream wedding

Ordering beautiful bridal and ROM hand bouquets in Singapore for your dream wedding has never gotten easier.
Simply select from the wide range of flowers that we have, and get them delivered to you!
These beautifully designed flowers are specially handcrafted. Have an unforgettable memory for your wedding today!

Roses, Baby Breaths and Bridal Flowers  for a beautiful and classy wedding

Roses and baby breaths are usually used for most weddings. As roses are usually associated with love and romance, wedding couples love having roses in their bridal bouquets to express their affection for each other.

Coupled with baby breaths which symbolizes everlasting love and purity, the combination of baby breaths and roses would seal the marriage between a lovely couple in the depths of an everlasting marriage for eternity.

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