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Looking For A Leading Florist That Is Near ION Which Is A Shopping Centre That Is Near Orchard?

You’ve come to the right place. As a trusted florist that delivers to anywhere in Singapore, we deliver our flowers to many places in Singapore.

We are a florist that delivers to many places in Orchard such as Lucky Plaza and Shaw Centre and ION which is a shopping centre that is in Orchard.

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You are probably asking yourself…

Why Little Red Dot Florist?

It’s simple.

We deliver fuss-free freshly prepared flowers on the same day. With such remarkable convenience, you can surprise your loved ones with our remarkable delivery service.

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Wide Selection Of Choices - Experience The Freshness Of Our Flowers

Unlike a traditional florist that limits themselves to florists near Orchard, we actually have multiple locations across the country.

Our flowers are freshly imported from farms in Singapore and Malaysia. We provide the freshest and highest quality of flowers for you.

When you start to shop around Orchard, you might want to consider flowers that are readily available for you and your partner.

Most couples enjoy the flowers that we could deliver to Orchard while they are looking for a florist nearby.


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Well, if you have read this far, chances are you are really interested in an Orchard Florist.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Orchard Florists

Yes you can. we deliver on the same day for free. There are no additional charges for this.

Good question. It depends on how you perceive best.

Is it by price?

Is it by quality?

Is it by speed of delivery?

Why not check out our array of flowers first, that way you will be able to find out.

In our eyes, there is only 1. That’s us..

With absolute certainty and conviction that we can deliver the most amazing flowers to you, we are happy to guarantee you satisfaction for every delivery, otherwise we will be happy to compensate you.

Typically you can start walking around the whole of Orchard to find one, but we would not recommend that.

We recommend you browse through our website first, and you will be able to find a flower that you like.

Afterall, we deliver throughout the whole island, and you will get fresh flowers delivered to you.